Norway looking for 5000 Portuguese engineers

Friday, October 05, 2012

An article here in Portuguese today on two themes sometimes followed here - the need for engineers in countries like Norway and Germany, and the exodus of talent from Portugal. In spite of a different language, going to Norway to work probably feels like less of a true exodus than somewhere like Brazil or Angola - a flight from Lisbon to Oslo is just three and a half hours. In contrast, Brazil is about ten hours away and Angola about eight hours. Then there are also the various supranational bodies in and around the EU such as the Schengen Treaty that both Norway and Portugal are members of:

So, to the article:

Numerous job offers from abroad are arriving at the Order of Engineers. International companies are seeking professionals from all sectors of engineering, and are even asking the Order to make the selection for them. The last major bid that arrived at the Order was from Norway, seeking 5000 engineers.

The Order does not make selections, but divulges the offers that arrive. Norway is one of the countries where professionals in the area are most lacking, similar to Germany, Mozambique and Angola (Luanda).

The article then provides a helpful link for those that are interested in applying for a position as an engineer there.

So which languages gain in a situation like this? 1) English (will certainly serve as the common language between a Norwegian employer and Portuguese engineer), 2) Norwegian (many engineers may opt to learn the language due to encountering it outside of the office all the time).


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