New York Times to launch in Portuguese in 2013

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nice - the New York Times will be available in Portuguese starting next year (2013). The reason is not at all surprising: it is because of the large Brazilian market. The NYT also recently launched a Chinese edition online.

It was announced Sunday that the prestigious American newspaper The New York Times will have an online edition in Portuguese next year. The main objective is to extend the reading of the newspaper to the Brazilian public.

In addition to articles translated into Portuguese from the original version, the new version will have original pieces written by local collaborators in Brazil, dedicated to "issues of particular interest for the Brazilian reader." The section devoted to original articles will represent about a third of the newspaper.

In a statement the newspaper explained that this version has a very specific market: "an educated Brazilian audience, with a good financial situation and one connected to the rest of the world."

International business, economics and culture will be among the topics addressed in this new journal, with a total of 40 articles per day and photos. In a later phase, the edition will have graphic components and more developed multimedia.


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