Debate tonight, so read about Belarusian

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tonight is the third debate, which also means a shorter post. Last time my gut instinct was right (Obama victory, but not a crushing one), and my gut instinct for the third was a draw. A few reasons for that:

- Foreign policy is rarely a voter's first criterion for choosing a president
- Foreign policy is a subject where it is easy for both sides to appear correct (yes the US should be strong, yes the US should court allies, yes the US should increase sanctions on Bad Country X, etc.), especially in the eyes of those who already support the nominee's party
- Obama and Romney have sized each other up a fair amount and have more of a feel for the tactics of the opponent by now.

Luckily the article itself is quite interesting: it is this one in French on the Belarusian language (title: La langue biélorusse : un art perdu au Bélarus or The Belarusian language: a lost art in Belarus). It also gives a link to what appears to be a pretty good news site in Belarusian, plus another one.


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