Twelfth (eleventh?) pontifical academy to be Pontificia Academia Latinitatis

Monday, September 03, 2012

The Vatican's next pontifical academy is to be one devoted to the Latin language. I'm uncertain whether this is the twelfth or the eleventh one - the article says this one adds to the existing eleven, but according to this page on Wikipedia (taken directly from the Dictionary of Popes and the Papacy) the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy (listed after ten others) is not one of the pontifical academies but is one of the Roman colleges...but perhaps that information is out of date and there actually is an eleventh.

Not that that is of any great importance - the upcoming establishment of one for the Latin language is. The members will be "eminent academics of various nationalities, whose aim it will be to promote the use and knowledge of the Latin language in both ecclesiastical and civil contexts, including schools", and it is said to be in response to the large volume of requests for the Vatican to play a role in promoting the language.

One more related article - Latin is said to be enjoying a boom in German schools as well.


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