Latin up by 30% in Germany, is learned by one in ten students

Thursday, September 20, 2012

From here in German:

More than 7.5 million students learned English nationwide in 2010/2011, placing it well ahead of the others. After English follows French with more than a million and a half students. But in third place is a surprise: the dead language Latin with 800,000 students, far ahead of Spanish with 360,000. This means that one in ten students in Germany learns Latin. How has this happened? Has Harry Potter given Latinum a miraculous recovery? Whether this was the reason or not, the fact is that the number of Latin students since the beginning of the millenium has increased by 30 percent...Other languages follow: 104,000 students learn Russian in school, 58,000 Italian, 11,600 Turkish. Chinese is also undergoing a small boom: in 2010/2011 there were 232 schools in Germany that offer it, making up at least 5800 students.


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