Good work, CNN

Monday, August 27, 2012

Near the beginning of August when Gangnam Style was first taking off I wrote a second post giving a few worthwhile places to visit in Gangnam using Google Street View. One of them was as follows:

-- The richest street of all in Apgujeong. Gucci, Armani, plastic surgery clinics, etc. Go down the street a bit and you get to the Galleria department store, where celebrities like to be seen shopping.

Two weeks later, a CNN reporter found her way to that exact street (1:08 in):

Good job finding that exact spot! I choose to believe that they made use of my post to find it.

Though I used Google for the sake of convenience in that post, the company that first came out with Street View (or Road View) is Daum, and their product is superior. Here is the same street seen through Daum, and note that you can change the date: you can see the street in April this year, October 2011, March 2011, October 2010, and April 2009. You can see for example that the Gucci store was completely remade during this time and is now a garish metallic bronze-gold colour.


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