Lidepla (Lingwa de planeta) news - Memrise course, plus a fox and tiger

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dmitri has sent me two links he thought would be appropriate here, and indeed they are:

-- Lidepla vocabulary can now be learned here on Memrise, the site for learning vocabulary through a fairly addictive method involving gaining points and treating memories as plants that are grown with enough exposure and later watered to keep alive.

-- A video with a tale about a tiger and a fox:

I can understand about 90% of this without ever really having expended any time learning the language. The missing parts of the vocabulary (the words I've never seen before) are usually from Hindi.

You'll notice that Lidepla has a certain atmosphere of its own as does every other IAL: it's a bit similar to LFN in that it seems kind of free, egalitarian and apolitical, an atmosphere that lends itself to more active communal use than a more top-down approach like Interlingua where massive dictionaries and documenting all the expressions known to mankind (or at least Europe) are the norm.

This gives rise to a lot of this kind of content composed of videos with tales and songs and so on, but what I would really like to hear one day is this: a quickly spoken news podcast, and a current affairs interview between two or more people would be even better. Lidepla, whether intentional or not, seems to give the impression that it is always being toned down for the listener and it would be nice to hear what it would sound like with no holds barred.


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