New Vesta video, trip to Berlin in September, El Huffington Post

Friday, June 08, 2012

Not enough to call this a link roundup, but three things I wanted to mention today:

--- First a new video of Vesta by JPL:

The northern hemisphere still isn't all visible, but it will be soon enough as spring is coming to the north and Dawn doesn't have to leave until August.

--- The trip to Berlin: not me - Deutsche Welle is looking for people learning German to visit Berlin in September. Or rather, to go on a 10-day trip across the country that culminates with an arrival in Berlin.

--- After French, we now have El Huffington Post in Spanish. This is not US Spanish: it is and focuses more on news from and relating to Spain (but I see some US election news in there already today). A US-based Spanish version is in the works, they say.


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