Languages the Swiss speak at home vs. work

Thursday, June 21, 2012

An article here in French with some census numbers from Switzerland has an interesting comparison at the end showing which languages are spoken at home vs. at work. German dominates with Hochdeutsch showing a huge increase compared to that spoken at home, French is spoken a bit more at work than at home, Italian interestingly almost maintains the same percentage, and English shows a huge increase in relative terms.

Swiss German: 61.3% at home, 66.9% at work
German / Hochdeutsch: 9.6% at home, 32.3% at work
French: 23.2% at home, 29% at work
Italian: 9.0% at home, 8.8% at work
English: 4.1% at home, 16.5% at work

Romansch also has a place in the article, but not the home vs. work part: according to the census it is spoken by 0.6% of the population.


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