Government of Aragon to call Catalan spoken in Aragon "southern Aragon" or "northern Aragon"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I know little about the details of eastern Aragonese vs. western Catalan, so this post will suffice with two paragraphs from this article in Spanish and no extra commentary...except this page on the Benasquese dialect which apparently is about halfway between the two:

The government of Aragon (PP and Partido Aragonés) has decided to abolish any legal recognition of Catalan, according to a draft of the lew language law presented yesterday, which will repeal the law passed at the end of the last legislature, which was led by the socialist Marcelino Iglesias.

The new text will affect more than 50,000 Aragonese in the eastern regions and who will from now, according to the new Aragonese text, speak "southern Aragon" or "northern Aragon", despite that the entire academic community has no doubt in calling the language a dialect of western Catalan.


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