Small link roundup: Vesta, Chinese in Brazil, François Hollande, Russian in the EU, Korean language students doubled in four years

Friday, May 18, 2012

--- Let's begin with a virtual flight over Vesta taken by Dawn and made recently (a week ago) using that footage:

Quite amazing when you think that just a year and a bit ago our best image of the protoplanet was this:

--- Next is another "Chinese is super useful and more and more people are learning it" article here in Portuguese. Two numbers worth noting: a Chinese continuing ed class in Unesp de Rio Preto with 30 classes in 2010 grew to 40 the next year, and the cost is 200 real ($100) per semester at 3 hours per week (two 1.5-hour classes).

--- This article states that François Hollande says he speaks better English than Sarkozy, but that the President of France should use French.

--- This article from Voice of Russia says that a group in France called France-Ural wants to make Russian an official language of the EU, a popular refrain on Voice of Russia. Just checked out their homepage and it's very hard on the eyes. Haven't seen a spinning graphic and frames in a website for quite some time.

--- This article in English says that about double the number of people were in Korea on student visas to learn the language in 2010 compared to 2006, now reaching 17 880.


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