Mondial grammar has now been published online

Saturday, May 12, 2012

About a year ago I was able to get a hard copy of the grammar for the language Mondial, which I wrote about in an announcement here. Since then I have unsurprisingly not been able to do too much to promote the language, as since the beginning of 2011 I have spent the majority of my time working full time, further studying a few languages I have only learned to half fluency, and practicing the piano (began that in March last year).

On top of that, I was unsure of the legality of publishing the material.

Since then, I created a translation of Demian, one that I printed but cannot officially publish until August when Hesse has been gone for 50 years (countries such as Canada, Korea, Japan, China etc. have a 50-year term). Knowing a bit more about this, I happened upon the Swedish version of the Mondial Wikipedia page and found:

Mondial är ett konstruerat språk avsett som världsspråk (internationellt hjälpspråk) utarbetat av den svenske läroverkslektorn Helge W. Heimer (1890-1959) och publicerat 1943. Språket är baserat på de romanska språken, främst franska, italienska och spanska.
1959? That means....2012 - 1959 = 53 years. No problem at all then. It likely would not have been in the first place (zero profit is being had with Mondial, nor is profit being robbed of the deserving) but the date makes it even more certain.

So here it is.

The pdf was actually put together by Daniel Hollande (see his sites/groups here, here and here), who has said Mondial is not exactly his cup of tea - his favourite is this one.


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