How many French people go to China every year to study?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

According to this article, it's 6500. No mention on which year this is based on, or how much of an increase there is in recent years (I assume it is only increasing). The rest of it is advice on how to prepare for living there - how much health insurance costs, that sort of thing.

On a related note, the Globe and Mail has an article today on why being bilingual is good for you (especially you if you are a Canadian reader). For a lot of unsourced opinion on the article, see here. And in spite of being unsourced, anonymous and off the cuff, reading comments such as these can provide a bit of a window into prevailing opinion. You'll notice a lot of "don't learn French, it's the language of the past - learn Mandarin/Spanish instead" there.


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