François Hollande to ratify the European charter of regional languages

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Possible / probable (currently at 54% to Sarkozy's 46%) next French president François Hollande has made it easy to decide on a subject for a post today: he held an event in Bretagne (Brittany) where he promised to ratify the European charter for minority languages. That would turn France from light green (signed) on this map to dark green (signed and ratified). From here:
18h10. "We will ratify the charter of regional languages" François Hollande promised to ratify the charter of regional languages: "We will do it together, without threatening the French language".
and here:
Holland moves on to the role of the localities. "We need them in order to work. After May 6, I will initiate a new act of decentralization...French will not be threatened. But Breton should be taught and disseminated as all regional minority languages!"


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