Arabic only the 29th most translated language on Index Translatonium

Friday, April 27, 2012

From here in French, from Morocco:

Index Translatonium, UNESCO's international translation library, has highlighted the very alarming status of Arabic as a target language. With 12,263 works translated into Arabic, this language is in 29th position - far behind Czech in 14th place, Serbian in 23rd, and Romanian in 24th. 
The top five most translated languages are English in first, then French, German, Russian, and Italian. 
Looking at the numbers by country, Germany is at the top of the list with 250,000 translated works. After that is Spain, France, and Japan. Morocco does not make the top 50 due to having only 373 translated works. 
Translatonium has more than two million entries for 500,000 authors in 148 countries since 1982. It was created in 1932 by the defunct League of Nations, it was taken over by UNESCO in 1946, then computerized in 1979. Since that date, member countries have been obligated to send a list of their published translations every year.


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