Translate selection is my new favourite Google Chrome extension

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I finally found a translate extension I'm almost 100% satisfied with: this one, called translate selection. Before I get into this one (and there isn't all that much to get into), here is what I haven't liked about others I have tried:

- Only translates entire pages. Google Chrome already has this as a default option anyway, and I very rarely want to see fully translated pages.
- Opens the translation in a new tab every time. If that is the case then I would prefer to just keep Google Translate open in another tab to do the same thing.
- Creates a bubble to show the results that cannot be manipulated: the resulting text disappears as soon as you scroll up or down or try to click on it.

Translate selection has none of these drawbacks: it creates a small black window of text above the selection you choose to translate which then remains up until you click the x to get rid of it. It thus looks like this:

The only downside I've seen so far is that it doesn't automatically update the languages you can choose, so Esperanto for example is not yet available. Using the detect language > English setting doesn't seem to help either: it doesn't recognize any Esperanto text I've tried to translate. On regular Google Translate, however, it recognizes Esperanto as such and translates it properly.

Thus far I've only used this extension for two days so I may be unaware of other good or bad points about it, but this is the only translation extension I haven't taken off again within a few hours.


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