Russia wants to see Russian become official or regional language in European Union

Saturday, March 24, 2012

That's according to a very short article here on the Portuguese section of Voice of Russia. According to this, the full article by Rogozin, yet to be published, will be released on Wednesday. No idea where to find it online. I would like to give it a read (through Google Translate plus whatever help the Bulgarian I know gives when the translation is bad) because the argument made here (Russian is spoken by millions so it should be official) would apply to a great many other languages as well.

Edit: a helpful commenter has noted that Wednesday actually refers to a Wednesday last month, meaning that the article has already been published. You can read it here.

Russia intends to have the EU give the Russian language official status, announced Vice-Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin today.

In his opinion, the Russian language should be recognized as an official or regional language wherever there are numerous Russophone communities, he wrote in an article to be published this Wednesday in the journal Russian Gazette. "We intend to make diligent efforts to have the Russian language obtain an official status in the European Union where millions of Russian speakers live", he wrote. With this, Russia will continue to closely monitor the compliance of rights and interests of Russians abroad.


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