Nine theses on Portuguese education in East Timor

Friday, March 16, 2012

Here's a page I just found today - a site hosted by a teacher of Portuguese in East Timor for four years (2006 to 2010), complete with nine academic papers on the situation of the language in the country at the moment. All in Portuguese, much too long to even try to summarize, but I intend to skim through them. The titles are:

  • Análise dos Manuais de Língua Portuguese Utilizados no Ensino Primário en Timor-Leste (Analysis of Portuguese language manuals used in primary schools in East Timor)
  • A percepção da língua portuguese por estudantes timorenses do ensino superior português (The perception of the Portuguese language by Timorese students in Portuguese higher education)
  • A experiência de um aprendiz de português como segunda língua em ambiente de imersão (The experience of a learner of Portuguese as a second language in an immersive environment)
  • O ensino da língua portuguese em Timor-Leste: o método "Português em Timor" e a importância do tétum (L1) na aquisição do português (L2) (The teaching of Portuguese in East Timor: the method "Portuguese in Timor" and the importance of Tetum (L1) in the acquisition of Portuguese (L2))
  • Língua Portuguesa em Timor-Leste: ensino e cidadania (Portuguese in East Timor: education and citizenship)
  • Um Quadro de Referência para o Ensino do Português em Timor-Leste (A reference framework for the teaching of Portuguese in East Timor)
  • Timor: de colónia a país nos fins do século XX. Um sistema educativo em re-estruturação (Timor: from colony to country at the end of the twentieth century. An education system under restructuring)
  • "Eu queria muito aprender português mais:" aspectos da língua portuguesa em uso em Timor-Leste pós-Independência ("I really would like to learn more Portuguese": aspects of the Portuguese language in use in East Timor after independence
  • Estudo comparative entre professores que fizeram e que não fizeram custo de formação docente na RDTL (Comparative study between teachers who did and did the cost of teaching training of the RDTL? Not sure what this one is about, actually)
Perhaps I should start with the last one (the one from 2006) since I'm not really sure what it's about. Looks like a study on teachers who took a course vs. those who didn't, but not quite certain.


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