China wants to see more Chinese study Portuguese, and vice versa

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That's according to an article here in Portuguese. This is one of those articles that seems to be full of information, and while it has a great deal of numbers they are quite unsatisfying, leaving the reader wondering exactly what China's plan is. I don't doubt that China wants to see a lot more Sino-Luso cooperation and learning of each other's languages, but the article is quite lacking. In point form, here is what it says:

-- The Chinese vice-minister of Education (Hao Ping) wants to see the University of Lisboa double its Portuguese classes in China over the next few years
-- He wants to see a platform with the University of Beijing and Polytechnical University of Macau to deepen the study of Portuguese in China, and to increase the teaching of Chinese in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries like Angola.
-- At the moment there are 15 universities in China giving these courses and the vice-minister expressed interest to double this in the next few years
--The University of Lisboa has had a Confucius Institute since 2008 and 12 signed protocols with Chinese universities and Macau since 2007


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