Catalan is 14th-most spoken language in the EU, and other things

Monday, February 20, 2012

An article here in Spanish has some info on Catalan usage in the EU right now, and not just in terms of number of speakers but also where it is used and where it isn't. Some of the info from the article:

- Catalan has about 10 million speakers.
- The number of readers of Catalan daily newspapers increased by 29% last year
- The radio and TV audience for Catalan has also increased (doesn't indicate by how much), although only 3% of cinema in Catalonia are in Catalan.
- More than 30% of foreigners in Barcelona are learning Catalan, compared to 7% a few years ago.
- Education: 89% of primary schools in Catalonia use Catalan as a working language and all public universities there use Catalan in more than 50% of the courses given.
- There are 199 laws in the state that require labeling in Spanish, compared to 2 laws that require the same in Catalan.
- Justice is where Catalan is especially weak: 14% of sentences are written in Catalan, a decrease of 6%, and only 3% of the demands in court are in Catalan, even though 99% of the staff of the administration of justice in Catalonia know the language.


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