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Friday, January 27, 2012

Korea's Naver has recently added a new language to its set of online dictionaries, adding Spanish to the current selection of English, Japanese, Chinese, and French. Naver's dictionaries are slow to be released because they are quite thorough, with plenty of example sentences as well as audio. The Spanish dictionary is here.

The first thing one wonders with a dictionary like this is what type of Spanish? For that, all you need to do is search for a word with an i following a c, or something else that distinguishes European from Latin American Spanish. Well, European except Andalusian Spanish, but that's a different subject.

So let's go with asociación and click the audio button:

"asothiathion" (asoþiaþion?) - yep, it's European Spanish.

Somehow I doubt that European Portuguese will be the standard used when they get around to a Portuguese dictionary.

Let's pick a random word to look at the examples given. We will go with enemigo.

adj. 형용사
(+de) (무엇을, 무엇이) 싫은, 싫어하는
Mi mujer es enemiga de la comida rápida 내 아내는 패스트푸드를 싫어한다
적의, 적대의
ejército enemigo 적군
país enemigo 적국
soldados enemigos 적병
tropas enemigas 적군
(일반적으로) 적의, 적대하는, 상대하는
equipo enemigo 상대 팀

m.f. 양성명사

enemigo mortal [encarnizado] 불구대천의 적
enemigo natural 천적
enemigo público 공적
hacerse enemigo de alguien (누구의) 적이 되다, 앙숙이 되다, 철천지원수가 되다
hacerse enemigos 사이가 틀어지다
(+de) (누구의) 반대자, (누가, 무엇이) 싫은 사람

m. 남성명사
(집합명사) 적, 적군, 적국
pasarse al enemigo (도중에 자기편을 배반하고) 적에게 붙다
El enemigo invadió la ciudad fronteriza 적군이 국경 도시를 침입했다
(옛 법률에서) 부모나 사촌 이내의 친척을 죽여 중벌을 받은 남자

como a real de enemigo 적에게 인정사정없이 잔인하게 굴면서, 적에게 되도록 많은 ...
ser alguien enemigo de algo (누가, 무엇을) 싫어하다, (누가, 무엇의) 반대자이다
no haber visto la cara al enemigo 병사가 어떤 전투에도 참가하지 않았다
volver la cara al enemigo los perseguidos (쫓기던 사람이) 쫓던 사람과 기운을 내 싸우다

And on top of that, 214 example sentences including the word enemigo.

Because Naver is so central to Korean online life, this dictionary makes it a perfect starting point for any Korean wanting to learn the language. Not everyone in Korea is aware of Naver's excellent online dictionaries though (it's mostly used for basic searches, subway/bus times, anything else to do with daily life) so it is worth recommending to a Korean friend who is interested in the language.


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