Modern Indo-European assimil-like course (version 0.1 released)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Looking at Dnghu's site for the first time in quite a while, I was pleasantly surprised to see an update for January (the last one was in June 2011).

The gist of the update is as follows:

1 - a learning course (Assimil-style) has been published,
2 - Syntax of Modern Indo-European is still being worked on,
3 - the grammar is being translated into French,
4 - Paypal sucks, going to try using Google Checkout instead.

Update #1 is of course the most interesting, and you can see it as a pdf here:

This makes their project much more accessible than when I first learned about it (2006? 2007?), and there was no actual material to learn the language, even advice that it would be better to learn some other ancient language (Greek, Latin, Sanskrit) instead because they didn't have anything for anyone besides serious Indo-European scholars.

The course is still very rough and was obviously not written by a native English speaker, but it is very straightforward and a pleasure to read.

Let's look at one of the dialogues.

1. Anā ámeikās Ilonās swādwjans epistolāns ghndeti.
1. Ana receives pleasant letters from her friend Ilona.

2. Karolā: Anā, qori smejesi?
2. Carol: why are you smiling?

3. Anā: Smejō jodqid gaudhējō. Ilonā skreibheti swadwjans epistolāns.
3. Ana: I am smiling because I am happy. Ilona writes sweet letters.

4. Ilonā Rōmāi cejweti atqe Eurōpājóm didksketi.
4. Ilona lives in Rome and studies European.

5. Egō-qe Ilonāi epistolāns sontējō jodqid sā maqā ēswjá ámeikā esti.
5. I also often send Ilona letters because that girl is a good friend.

6. Karolā: Ilonām nē gignōskō.
6. Carol: I don't know Ilona.

7. Anā: nū petnābhi epistolām tesjāi skreibhō. Ilonā moksi kām cemjeti...
7. Ana: now I write her a letter with a pen. Ilona this summer is coming here.

8. Karolā: ...ita Ilonām gignōtum moghō. An tebhei petnām dídōmi?
8. Carol: So I can know her. Do I give you a pen?

9. Anā: Dā, prijēsna. Epistolām paulām-qe kapsām tesjāi sontējō kom.
9. Ana: Yes please. I send her the letter with a small box (I send her together a letter and a small box).

10. Karolā: Qid kapsā rtējeti?
10. Carol: What does the box contain?

11. Anā: Rounā nē esti: kapsā paulām lapsām rtējeti. Esti atqe kapsā paulā-qe lapsā tebhei.
11. Ana: it is not a secret: the box contains a small lamp. There is also a box and a small lamp for you.

12. Karolā: Prijēsna!
12. Carol: thanks!


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