Italian cultural group (Atibaia Italian Circle, Circolo Italiano di Atibaia) created in the Brazilian city of Atibaia

Saturday, December 10, 2011

From here in Portuguese:

Descendants of Italian families founded the Atibaia Italian Circle (Circolo Italiano di Atibaia), a nonprofit organization that seeks to enhance and promote Italian culture in the city. Members of approximately 100 families participated in the event, held at the Hotel Gran Roca last Monday (28 November).

During the event, great-grandchildren, grandchildren, children, and even first-generation Italians themselves were able to share experiences about the coming of each family to Atibaia. Many see the group as an opportunity to strengthen the ties of Italian immigrants in the city.

The circle was created with the mission to promote the teaching of the Italian language in Atibaia. It also aims to promote and strengthen Italian culture, through cultural presentations and culinary events. The first board meeting will take place 12 December.

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