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Monday, November 07, 2011

A few days ago Dmitry of Lingwa de Planeta sent me some news in LdP, a language I haven't really studied but one that I mention from time to time, and hope for the best for. The news is as follows:

(Moskva) Investiga de avion-krusha in Yaroslavl es finen

Dey 2 mes 11 yar 2011 Interstata-ney Avion-ney Komitee (IAK) deklari ke pilotas hi es kulpa-ney om ti eventi pa dey 7 mes 9 na avion-krusha in kel 44 jen tabahi. Avion Yak-42 krushi tuy afte en-flaisa, kili-yen tote fama-ney hokey-tim Lokomotiv. Sol un jen, avion-ney injenior, ausjivi. Segun IAK, un oda ambi pilota ouran presi brek-pedal duran en-flaisa. Por to avion bu mog ateni treba-ney kwaytaa, flai sol kelke stoka metra e poy lwo on arda. Ti presi brek-pedal na kausa mog bi to ke ambi pilota maistem gwo flai un otre tip de avion, nami-yen Yak-40. In Yak-42, kom in hampi oli nau-ney avion de munda, pilota ruli avion bay presi niche parta de pedal e breki bay presi it-ney uupare parta, bat in Yak-40 es otrem. Regulatot demandi ke pilota de Yak-42 pon topuk on poda de kabina, bat Solomentsev e Jevelov bin abyasen a Yak-40 e lasi swa-ney peda resti on pedal. Yoshi un li-ney galta es ke li bu desidi stopi avion pa hao taim, obwol ye-te indika, ke prosesa de en-flaisa bu go normalem.

So...how readable is this to me, with fluency in Japanese and Korean, and background in all of LdP's source languages except for Hindi? Here's my translation just from what I can discern from the text alone:

(Moscow) Investigation of airplane crash in Yaroslavl is finished

On November 2 2011 the Interstate Aviation Committee declared that the pilots (would be?) at fault for the event on September 7 in the airplane crash in which 44 people (died, I assume). The plane Yak-42 crashed right after (liftoff?), killing the whole famous hockey team Lokomotiv. Only one person, an airplane engineer, survived. According to IAK, another two pilots (ouran - ?) pressed the brake pedal during the (assuming liftoff again). Because of that the plane wasn't able to reach the needed speed, flew (ah, now I see that flai in en-flaisa is English) just a few hundred (assuming this is Slavic for hundred) metres and then hit the earth. Pressing the brake pedal cause (?) could be that both pilots (usually?) would fly another type of airplane, namely the Yak-40. In the Yak-42, as in (most?) all new airplanes in the world, the pilot controls the plane by pressing no parts of the pedal and brakes by pressing it on (the top?) part, but in the Yak-40 it is different. Regulations demand that pilots of the Yak-42 (pon topuk on poda? not sure...) in the cabin, but Solementsev and Jevelov being (unused?) to the Yak-40 and let (therefore) feet rest on the pedal. (Yoshi un li-ney galta? no idea) is that they didn't decide to stop in good time, although it indicated that the process of lifting off wasn't going normally.


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