Record high 78.3% of Norwegians say no to EU membership

Friday, November 11, 2011

From here in Norwegian:

In a new poll carried out by Norstat for NRK, 78.3% of Norwegians say no to joining the EU. 7.5 of those asked say they haven't taken a position on EU membership, while just 14.3% say yes.

Norway, of course, remains strongly tied to the EU: 80% of its exports go to EU countries.


In a survey Sentio has done for Nei til EU (no to the EU), published today, only 44% of those asked said that they wanted to keep the current EEA (European Economic Area) agreement, while 38% say that they would vote no to if a referendum were to be held today.

See here for a chart showing yes/no/undecided opinion since July 2009. During that time the highest positive response for EU membership was about 49% no, 39% yes, 12% undecided in February 2010.


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