Results of Page F30 reader poll on Serbia and Kosovo, now another poll

Friday, October 14, 2011

The poll on the right ended a full month ago and it's high time to take it down with the results in a post for posterity. The poll was on Serbia and Kosovo, and went as follows:

  • The Serbian-majority part of Kosovo should be ceded to Serbia, and the rest recognized as independent. 34 (41%)
  • Serbia should have to recognize Kosovo before it can begin EU negotiations. 19 (23%)
  • All of Kosovo should remain a part of Serbia. 19 (23%)
  • Kosovo did well to declare independence when it did. 16 (19%)
  • All or part of Kosovo should join Albania. 14 (17%)
  • Kosovo should be independent but their timing / preparation on declaring independence was shoddy. 7 (8%)
  • Other 4 (4%)

Votes so far: 82
Poll closed

It's fairly divided, except for the opinion on the Serbian-speaking part of Kosovo that has been in the news so much recently - many think that part should be ceded to Serbia, probably in exchange for Serbia recognizing the rest of Kosovo as an independent state.

I have put up a new poll now, and it's in Frenkisch. Part of the reason for putting it there is to see how well people understand it so I won't explain what it is. Regular readers will probably be able to puzzle it out (it's not that hard) but I'm curious how many random visitors will click on it, and thus the results will not be as important as the number of people that end up voting after the week or two or three is over. For reference, easy polls here can get over 300 votes while trickier issues like the Kosovo one (and another one before on Romania and Moldova) are usually under 100.


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