Mondial example sentences, part 8: Families and illness

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Today's Mondial example sentences are about asking people about their families, and what to say when you have an illness. I have added another page (about 200 words) to the dictionary as well in spite of the lack of time during the week, and we are up to évêque (episcope) now. Steady progress.


Le familie -- Family

U habita tui oncle? Viva il ancor? -- Where does your uncle live? Is he still alive?

Il i sui marita (mi tante) habita S. con mi gran-matre, que e vidua. Sei marito e moriate da plure anos. -- He and his wife (my aunt) live in S. with my grandmother, who is a widow. Her husband has been dead for several years.

E lor infantes anque la? -- Are their children there, too?

Solo lor filia, car lor filio e in G., u il ha maritate se. -- Only their daughter, their son is in G., where he has married.

Con qui? (Con cui filia?) Tu non ha racontate lo a me avante. Conosa yo lei? -- Whom? (Whose daughter?) You haven't told me before. Do I know her?

No, lo e un amica de mi sorora. El resembla a mi cusina. Yo admira lei multo. El ha studiate al universitá de U. -- No, she is a friend of my sister's. She is like my cousin. I admire her very much. She was at U. university.

Votre fratre, que ha sete bachelero in U. i que ha viajate in Italia, trova il se ancor in le extrange? -- Is your brother, who was a student at U., and who has travelled in Italy, still abroad?

Si, mi genitores (mi patre i matre) ha recevate un letre da lui da P. fa poque dias. Il scriba que il ha fidanzate se. -- Yes, my parents (my father and mother) got a letter from him from P. some days ago. He writes that he has got engaged.

Yo suposa que li ha envoyate un telegram a lui. -- I suppose they have sent him a wire.

Si, mi sorora i sei marito (mi bel-fratre) va tosto visitar lui. -- Yes, my sister and her husband (my brother-in-law) are going to visit him soon.

Andara li per tren (autocar) o per batel? -- Will they go by train (bus) or by boat?

Li andara per aeroplan (volara) -- They will go by plane (fly).

Scribamo a lui por felicitar lui! Ha tu questionate les de sui adrese? -- Let us write to him and congratulate him! Have you asked them for his address?

Si. Lo e paper, envelopes, plumas i encre sur le table, ma yo manca de masques de posta. -- Yes. Paper, envelopes, pens, and ink are on the table, but I have no stamps.

Oh, yo usa un carte-letre (carte postal (ilustrate)). -- Oh, I'll use a letter-card (postcard, picture-postcard).

Maladía -- Illness

Bon dia, senior! -- How do you do, sir!

Bon dia, doctor! -- How do you do, doctor!

Come senta vu vos? -- How do you feel?

Non bien, yo senta me malade. Yo ha devenate malade yer. Yo ha mal in le capo i in le stomaque. -- Not very well, I feel ill. I was taken ill yesterday. I have pains in my head and my stomach.

Quel e votre temperatur? (Ha vu febre?) -- What is your temperature? (Have you got a temperature?)

Triante nove grades. -- Thirty-nine degrees.

Ha vu bon apetite? -- Have you a good appetite?

No, yo manja poco, presque nulo. -- No, I eat very little, almost nothing.

Ha vu dormate bien duran le nocte? -- Did you sleep well last night?

No, non multo. Yo ha prendate un pulver, ma yo ha eveliate me temporano, i poi yo non ha plu povate dormar. Yo ha un tose terible i transpira multo. -- No, not very well. I took a powder, but I woke early, and then I could not sleep any more. I have a terrible cough and I perspire a lot.

Lasa me escultar votre cor! Eh bien, il bata regularimente, ma yo vida que votre lingua e charjate. Yo creda que vu ha refridate vos. -- Let me listen to your heart! Well, it beats regularly, but I see that your tongue is coated. I think that you have got a cold.

Lo e multo probable. Deva yo andar al hospital? -- That is quite likely. Must I go to hospital?

no, lo e nulo grave, Vu deva restar in le lite. Dopo du o tri dias vu sera san de novel. -- No, it is nothing serious. You must stay in bed. After two or three days you will be all right again.

Coi pova yo manjar i bevar? -- What can I eat and drink?

Coi (Lo que) vu vola. -- Whatever you like.

Cuando pova yo sortar? -- When can I go out?

In un semana. Yo va prescribar algo por vos que vu comprara al farmacía i que vu prendara tri voltes per dia. You revenara dopo-deman. -- In a week. I will prescribe something for you to buy at the chemist's and take three times a day. I shall come back the day after tomorrow.

Gracie, doctor! -- Thanks, doctor.


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