11 new images of Vesta, with explanations in Mondial

Saturday, September 17, 2011

NASA has released a plethora of new images here from the Dawn mission, and I've translated the explanations or written by own in Mondial. Words not in the dictionary have an asterisk next to them. Given the naturalistic nature of the nature it usually isn't too hard to guess at a new word. I may also have mixed up da and per but am a bit too tired at the moment to bother going through the grammar again to see exactly how one works compared to the other.

Dictionary progress: exactly 5500 words, now up to rendez-vous (apuntamente).

Dawn will soon be viewing Vesta at a distance over three times less than the one these images were taken at so there's still a lot greater detail to look forward to.

Cil image obtenate per le framing camera de Dawn de NASA monstra le pol sude del gigante asteroide Vesta.

Le pol sude revela falesias* con un altur de plure quilometres, crevases* profonde, i crateres.

Cil image in false color monstra un crater in le sud del gigante asteroide Vesta.

Le primer carte mondial de Vesta, composate da images obtenate per le framing camera de Dawn.

Un image-mosaique* del pol sude de Vesta.

Le surface de Vesta in 3-D, monstrante le montanie in le sude.

Un altre image in 3-D del sude de Vesta.

Un image de Vesta in 3-D montra le plure crateres surtuto le surface.

Un image in false color monstrante le topografía del pol sude.

Le montanie in le pol sude, con un alture de 15 quilometres (presque 2 voltes plu grande di Mt. Everest).

Un petite cratere con le nome Claudia - il ha un diametre de 500 metres.


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