Ah, just like 2007 again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The GOP presidential primary race so far is looking a lot like 2007, at least in terms of media coverage Ron Paul is getting. My favourite GOP candidate (okay, only GOP candidate...except for maybe Hunter...Romney would probably morph into something different yet again if he were to win the presidency so hard to say how he would govern) to win the nomination, his one-tenth-of-a-percentage-point-from-first-place finish in the Ames Iowa straw poll is largely being ignored.

I have also noticed a lot of debate online over whether Obama or Paul is the better candidate to vote for. But hold on just a second - the presidential election has not yet begun. Obama is already in for 2012, and the only question is which person is going to face him. For a progressive who wants to see a presidential contest with an honest political debate there really only is one choice: Obama vs. Paul. There is, of course, also other option: the hope that the GOP picks such an unelectable candidate (=Bachmann) that Obama would win in a landslide. While this is much more likely with Bachmann as the candidate, hoping for such a result is also playing with fire a bit since there is also the possibility that she could win.


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