Random links for 12 July 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kind of cat busy today so here are some links that are taking up room on the top of Chrome right now:

An article here from the Globe & Mail on Georgia, the first in a series. It begins with Svaneti.

Wikipedia in Latin asks us today if we know that "...anno 1868 primum textum lingua Protoindoeuropaea (sc. Fabulam Schleicheri) scriptum esse?" (the first text in Proto-Indo-European, Schleicher's Fable, was written in 1868?)

An article here from Space.com talks about the possibility of a moon around Vesta, one of the first thing Dawn team members will be looking out for. Dawn is now just 25,000 km away from Vesta. It's been almost 6 days since the last image was released (taken on the 1st at a distance of 100,000 km) so we're due for another one very soon. Arrival is on the 16th, so just three days from now.


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