Canadian Liberals choose Bob Rae as interim leader

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not a big surprise - the Liberals have chosen Bob Rae to be the interim leader of the party. Technically this is supposed to mean that he is barred from seeking the permanent leadership later on, but I have some doubt about that. After all, it was decided on a whim and this is the same party that whisked Ignatieff in as leader too after the election in 2008. But taking them at their word for now, it would mean that 1) Marc Garneau isn't going to be interim leader (you can see him standing behind Rae in support too in the article) and 2) Marc Garneau can be the permanent leader after Rae is done.

In the meantime the Conservatives are about to submit their budget again and this time the opposition can do nothing about it. Like I said after the election, good job Canadian left.


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