Lowering speed limits in Spain to save 1.15 billion euros annually

Friday, April 29, 2011

From an article today in El País on the reduction of speed limits on highways in Spain to save gas:

Lowering the maximum speed on highways to 110 kph has had a large impact since the change was approved on the 4th of March. Almost two months later, the government claims to have achieved its fixed goal, while also reducing carbon emissions.

Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism Miguel Sebastian said today that combustibles have been reduced by 8.4% annually over the three seasons and a half in March when it first came into effect. This means a savings of 94.2 million euros. Over an entire year, this would mean a savings of 1.15 billion euros. This is, however, half of the expected 2.3 billion in annual savings.

As always, the article itself has much more information on top of this, but these are the main points.


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