Asteroids 2011 GW9 and 2011 GP28 just flew by the Earth at distances closer than the Moon

Friday, April 08, 2011

Earth was just grazed again, this time by two asteroids in the same day. Once again though, both of them are too small to have caused any damage even if they were to have hit us.

2011 GW9 is around 10 metres in diameter, and has an orbit like this:

while 2011 GP28 is a bit smaller at some 6 metres, with a slightly more interesting but similar orbit.

Since 2011 GP28 flew by at just 20% the distance from the Earth to the Moon while 2011 GW9 was 2.5 times farther away at 50%, you're more likely to find a video on Youtube of the flyby for 2011 GP28, if any happen to surface in the next day or two.


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