Korean city of Seogwipo to add Chinese and Japanese to street signs

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Another piece of news today about the adding of Chinese and Japanese to the existing Korean and English (the last one was about announcements on the Incheon Metro):

The city of Seogwipo will be changing its local tourist information signs from the existing Korean/Korean hanja (Korean-style Chinese characters)/English to a quadrilingual Korean/English/Chinese/Japanese format.

The city said on the 4th of March that they would be investing about $220,000 (250 million won) this year in order to make the change, which is due to the recent and continuing increase of Chinese and Japanese tourists.

The city is located on the southern side of Jeju-do, the island in the far south of Korea where Chinese tourists don't need a visa to visit (that's part of the attraction). As the southernmost part of the southernmost part of the country it naturally has the mildest climate, and there is even a fair amount of diving. One diving shop there called Big Blue is owned by a German guy who has run it for quite some time. I've walked by there in person once but I don't think it was open that day.

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