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Friday, March 04, 2011

Here's a fun site similar to 20 questions but only based on characters (real or imaginary). The game also happens to be available in nine languages (English/French/German/Hebrew/Portuguese/Spanish/Arabic/Russian/Japanese) and its interactive nature (you must answer the questions properly) makes it a good tool for practicing them.

To make it simple, I'll go with....Julius Caesar. Language: German.

Q1: Wurde Ihre Figur in Amerika Erfolgreich? (Was your figure successful in America?)

That's a definite Nein.

Q2: Kann man Ihre Figur im Fernseh sehen? (Can you see your character on the television?)

Hm, kind of. Wahrscheinlich teilweise.

Q3: Ist Ihre Figur älter als 45? (Is your character older than 45?)

Hm, he was when he died, but being older than 45 wasn't really part of what made him him. Let's go with Ich weiß nicht.

Q4: Ist Ihre Figur deutsch? (Is your character German?) Definite Nein for that.

Q5: Hat Ihre Figur ein Handy? (Does your character have a cellphone?) Nein. Actually a pretty good question as it eliminates a large number of potential characters.

Q6: Hat Ihre Figur wirklich existiert? (Did your character really exist?) Ja.

Q7: Ist Ihre Figur ein erwachsener Mann? (Is your character a grown man?) Also Ja.

Q8: Ist Ihre Figur böse? (Is your character evil?) No, but I'm sure some thought he was. We'll go with Wahrscheinlich nicht / nicht wirklich.

Q9: Ist Ihre Figur vor mehr als 1000 Jahren gestorben? (Did your character die more than 1000 years ago?) Indeed, ja.

Q10: Ist Ihre Figur römisch? (Is your character Roman?) Ja.... (feeling less and less certain that my secret character will stay hidden)

Q11: Fiel Ihre Figur einem Attentat zum Opfer? (Was your character assassinated?) Dammit, that's another ja.

Q12: Ist Ihre Figur aus Luzern? (Is your character from Lucerne?), he was born in Rome. Nein.

Q13: Hat Ihre Figur selbstmord begangen? (Did your character commit suicide?) Of course not. Nein.

Q14: Hat Ihre Figur Kleopatra getroffen? (Did your character meet Cleopatra?) Ja.

Q15: Hat Ihre Figur eine Zeitreise gemacht? (Did your character travel through time?) I wish. Nein.

Q16: Wurde Ihre Figur ermordet? (Was your character killed?) Ja.

Q17: Spielt Ihre Figur mit Handpuppen? (Does your character play with hand puppets?) Now that would be interesting to know. Ich weiß nicht.

Q18: Ging Ihre Figur aus Ihrem Leben raus? (Does your character come from your life?) I have no idea what this question is asking. Ich weiß nicht.

Q19: Wurde Ihre Figur ermordet? (Was your character killed?) Ja. Looks like this guy has already concluded who the character is and is just asking random questions and repeating others for fun.

Q20: Trifft man Ihre Figur in einem Werk das reelle Tatsachen beschreibt? (Is your character in something that describes real actions?) I guess ja.

Then he says

Ich denke an....

This thing is f*&king devil magic!

Yesterday when I first tried it in English I chose Ambrosius Aurelianus, and though it never guessed him, it did guess King Arthur and then Uther Pendragon, so eerily close if not entirely correct.

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