Six out of ten in Quebec see multiculturalism as a threat to the French language

Saturday, February 19, 2011

An article here a few days ago on Cyberpresse has a survey on the French language in Quebec. Some information from the survey:

In the eyes of six out of ten Quebeckers, multiculturalism is what threatens the French language. That result came from a La Presse-Angus Reid survey carried out between the 9th and 10th of February on the language, bilingualism and Bill 101.

In total, 57% of francophone Quebeckers see themselves threatened by a strong American culture, and 51% by Canadian English culture, while 66% feared multiculturalism.

Bill 101 is seen as a necessity: 79% of Quebecois and 90% of francophone Quebeckers see the bill as a necessity for Quebec. This doesn't mean that they consider knowing English to be unimportant. On the contrary, 84% see knowing both official languages as important. In contrast to this, in Manitoba and Saskatchewan only 8% consider knowing French to be important, and 10% in Alberta. Interestingly, while they don't consider it important to know the language, 62% of them feel that they live in a bilingual country.

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