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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 this one, at There are a lot of language learning blogs out there and I don't spend much time reading most of them, which tend to be either far too technical, far too basic ("my tip is to just get out there and speak!"), or noisy and personality-based. I like this one for its middle-of-the-road approach in using terminology, lack of flash, and the author's willingness to experiment on himself to determine the best methods in learning a language. For a while he tried experimenting with polyphasic sleep to give himself more time to study during the day. I unwillingly became a polyphasic sleeper myself last summer when Goma was still a kitten that needed feeding every few hours, plus whenever Windy felt like waking us up. Doing it willingly would probably feel at least a bit better than that.

Back to the blog: one of his preferred techniques in learning a language seems to be tons and tons and tons of reading, along with some other areas that he constantly logs the progress of in a spreadsheet. Originally from Vancouver, now lives in Berlin, and for more info you can see the blog yourself. Low-key but interesting blogs like his deserve a mention.

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