Quick hand update

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I don't want to spend too much time writing about the condition of my hands after the failed cat rescue attempt, but here's what they look like after a visit to the hospital today:

My spacebar thumb is back which is nice. Left index finger has been attached to some sort of stiff board to make sure it doesn't move at all, as that finger is somewhat swollen. Total hospital bill should end up somewhere around $400.

On a related note, my girlfriend has a blog now, and thus far it has nothing but pictures of our cats (Windy, Goma and MB when he was living in Korea). The post this link goes to shows Windy a few days after we picked him up off the street (scrawny enough that his shoulder blades came together) vs. Windy now (trying to lose weight). Yesterday she was absolutely thrilled that three people came in a single day, including one from the US. The thrill of watching the visitors to one's first blog...

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