Putting old Cosmoglotta (Occidental) issues online for easy reference

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The other day the Occidental community was informed about a great resource here, the complete archives of Cosmoglotta from its inception until 1950, except the war years of course. It's still not the most user-friendly format though so about ten days ago or so I decided to create a blog that would have these issues - just a one-column blog, no widgets or anything else, and one page per issue. The blog is here:


I began by uploading them one image at a time per page, but that quickly began to use up the space allotted to me and in any case PDF is probably a better way to do it, so from about 1928 onward I've been uploading them to Scribd.com. Here's what the latest issue looks like:

Cosmoglotta March 1929

In the meantime you can see other issues typed up here, and coincidentally those issues are also done up to 1929, but that's over a much longer period of time. Simply turning them into a PDF and uploading them is quite a quick task, and if I didn't have so much else to do the whole archive would probably take only a week or so to finish. Now that it's 1929 Occidental is almost exactly the same as that seen today, except for some small points such as verbs like attin'er. Hopefully it'll soon begin to exactly resemble the Occidental of today as from that point onward they will serve as a good introduction to the language for new students.

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