Nightmare Before Christmas songs with lyrics in Italian

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I wrote what is probably the last post on the French version of the Nightmare Before Christmas a few days ago, but a bit of searching turned up a particularly useful page here that is worth sharing - it's every song from the movie with the lyrics in Italian on the same page, as well as the English lyrics to the right and a link to the video for every one. The only thing to watch out for is that the English lyrics are not a translation of the Italian lyrics but rather the original English, which means that they don't match up half the time and if you're studying Italian you'll have to translate the lyrics yourself.

...strange, one video has been taken down for copyright infringement over just the past day. Luckily I found it somewhere else:

That's Jack's Lament, and you can hear that the Italian singer is much more aggressive than the one for French, which sometimes is a plus and other times not. Overall from all the versions I've heard the French one is by far the best, but the Italian one has its good moments.

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