Li Micri Prince (Le Petit Prince in Occidental) - dedication

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Robert Winter wrote two days ago that he has gotten over his auxlang malaise after tentatively concluding that he had wasted his time on them during the past nine months. Why? Apparently during his time away from blogging about auxlangs he tried writing a few things in Occidental here and there, and found the language in practice to be much more apt than he had expected, in spite of the lack of documentation and content compared to the Big Three. You can see what he wrote about the subject here. One other reason for giving Occidental a serious try is that (according to him) the Big Three have failed in that over the past decade or so on the internet they have failed to attain a serious amount of interest from the public at large, while Occidental has not yet had that chance in the sun to make its case.

He did note, however, that:

Even now I could still fail and might give up if I hit too many roadblocks, considering that I'm still flying by the seat of my pants and trailblazing in trying to write literature in Occidental with virtually no existing literature (other than some non-fiction articles and a few, rare literary fragments) to help me. Well, we'll see what happens anyway...
Virtually no existing literature, hm? Then why not translate Le Petit Prince? LFN did it. So let's translate it into Occidental, one post per chapter, corrections always welcome (Olivier, Steve, etc., watch this space). We shall begin with the dedication:

A Léon Werth. À Léon Werth.
Yo demanda pardon a infantes pro dedicar ti ci libre a un grand person. Yo have un excusa seriosi: ti grand person es li max bon amico qui yo have in li munde. Yo have un altri excusa: ti grand person posse comprender omnicos, mem libres por infantes. Yo have un triesim excusa: ti grand person habita Francia, u hay fame e frigore. Il deve esser consolat. Si omni ti excusas ne sufice, yo vell bon dedicar ti ci libre al infante quel unquande ci grand person esset. Omni grand persones unquande esset infantes. (Ma poc de ili memora to.) Yo corecte dunc mi dedication:Je demande pardon aux enfants d'avoir dédié ce livre à une grande personne. J'ai une excuse sérieuse : cette grande personne est le meilleur ami que j'ai au monde. J'ai une autre excuse : cette grande personne peut tout comprendre, même les livres pour enfants. J'ai une troisième excuse : cette grande personne habite la France où elle a faim et froid. Elle a besoin d'être consolée. Si toutes ces excuses ne suffisent pas, je veux bien dédier ce livre à l'enfant qu'a été autrefois cette grande personne. Toutes les grandes personnes ont d'abord été des enfants. (Mais peu d'entre elles s'en souviennent.) Je corrige donc ma dédicace :
A Léon Werth
quande il esset un micri púer.
À Léon Werth
quand il était petit garçon.

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