Chinese investment in Africa, country by country

Monday, November 01, 2010

Radio France Internationale has an interactive graph here that is worth bookmarking if you think any of these numbers may come in handy later on. The page has a map of the continent with various options for viewing, such as by investment amount, Chinese population, and industry. The Chinese population part of it is probably the least interesting as 1) Chinese population in a country is as much due to historical reasons as recent investment, and 2) countries with larger populations are likely to have a larger Chinese (and other) population anyway. So it's no surprise that Nigeria and South Africa have a high number. It is worth noting that Egypt has a particularly low Chinese population compared to the population as a whole, but this is only obvious if you have the total population numbers on hand.

Countries with investment over $5 billion: Sudan, Nigeria, Dem Rep Congo
$1 - $5 billion: Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa
$400 - $990 million: Algeria, Guinea, Chad, Zambia
$1 - $400 million: Egypt, Niger, Cameroon, Rep Congo, Zimbabwe

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