All Nightmare Before Christmas (L'Étrange Noël de monsieur Jack) songs in French in one post

Saturday, November 06, 2010

One more post on Nightmare Before Christmas songs in French - while quite easy to find on YouTube, they are not always arranged in order and the lyrics posted below are often slightly corrupted, missing diacritics or apostrophes here and there. So I've put them all in one post below, and the complete lyrics on a document here.

The first four songs have already been translated thanks to a YouTube user studying French, and the others are not but even Google Translate does the job there 95% of the time. Besides the first four I've gone with the HD version of each song except Oogie Boogie Blues, as the HD version begins with 30 seconds of Santa Claus being knocked down the chute and that's not worth watching every time when all you want to do is hear the song.

And after watching the movie again I have to wonder what Oogie Boogie was thinking in trying to kill Jack. In the first song it shows him lighting himself on fire while inside a pumpkin and diving into a shallow pool just for fun. You don't mess with someone that has hobbies like that, especially when you're just a collection of bugs held together by a shoddily sewed bag.

Bienvenue à Halloween / This is Halloween

La Complainte de Jack / Jack's Lament

Que vois-je / What's This?

Réunion au sommet / Town Meeting Song

L'obsession de Jack / Jack's Obsession

Kidnapper le Perce-Oreilles ! / Kidnap the Sandy Claws!

La fête approche / Making Christmas

(No singing from 2:15 to 3:20 for this one)

Oogie Boogie Blues / Oogie Boogie's Song

La Complainte de Sally / Sally's Song

(English translation here too)

Pauvre Jack / Poor Jack


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