Ah, so that's where all those political videos from Taiwan are coming from

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Recently the Daily Show has been showing clips from time to time of a news show from Taiwan where everything is animated, and I had assumed it was on TV but it turns out that you can see them all on YouTube. The good thing about these videos is that they have the script below in Chinese as well as an English translation, and for an avid follower of US politics you'll already know what the news is about.

Here's one for example on Prop 19 in California (which did not pass yesterday):

and one from September when Tea Party (the latter Tea Party, as in those that jumped on the bandwagon after Obama won the presidency) candidates began winning primaries:

Also, for some more perspective on the midterm elections, see this link. Before this one 17 out of 20 midterm elections resulted in a reduction of seats for the president's party, so yesterday's results were not out of the ordinary. House losses were especially large, but on the other hand Senate losses were somewhere around the middle, and retaining a majority in the Senate is certainly preferable to 1994 where both the House and the Senate were lost. A loss of 60+ seats in the former is certainly preferable if one's majority in the Senate can remain intact.

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