What monstrosity is this

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ever had two unrelated songs in your head at one time? I was reading up on the current situation in Kaliningrad on this blog (a group of people that are now trying to get visa-free travel to the EU but are also aiming in the end for an independent state) and one of the videos there has some pretty good background music (30 Seconds To Mars - Stranger In A Strange Land). After listening to the song a bit I left the house and later on happened to hear Oh Girl by the Chi-Lites. Now the song in my head sounds something like this, about as horrible a combination as one can get. Time to purge this with some other music.

Anyway, here's the Königsberg vs. Kaliningrad video on its own. I love these photographic collections of places a few decades ago compared to today.

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