More than one IAL candidate confuses the League of Nations

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I found a pdf the other day here:

It's a report entitled Esperanto as an Auxiliary Language by the League of Nations, and in spite of the title it's a report that takes a look at the prospect of other IALs as well. Overall the tone of the first few pages of the report (which I've included below) look very much like a discussion on Auxlang: Candidate X is pretty good, Candidate Y might be better but it's smaller, Candidate Z might be best of all but it's really tiny and possibly unstable...the hasty conclusion one might be tempted to arrive at viewing this is that the IAL community needs to focus on promoting one language (Esperanto) but even that won't do it. Why? Because the subject of Latin is always bound to come up.

Also, it appears that too much auxlang shopping has driven our friend Robert Winter mad. Well, not entirely mad, but he regrets spending the past nine months looking at IALs. Hyperbole I'm sure, but as a new entry to the world of IALs his blog is a very good reflection of the state of mind one gets into when comparing one language with another and another, and the negative effect this can have on focusing entirely on one.

I came to a tentative conclusion about this subject a few weeks ago, and I may try to formulate it tomorrow. In the meantime here is the introduction to the report.

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