"The Moon is really big" fact of the day

Monday, October 11, 2010

Here's today's fact of the day: at a population density equal to that of the United Kingdom, the population of the entire Earth could fit into an area comprising 70% of the surface of the Moon. The illuminated part we can see here then would hold about a third.

That is, of course, including the entire UK with its less populated areas in the north and all its islands and everything else. With a population density of London, it would take just 4% of the surface of the Moon to fit the population of the Earth.

Now we've gotten that out of the way, here are two links to share.

First is this one, on ground-based observations that took place during Rosetta's 21 Lutetia flyby. Each flyby and new approach presents an opportunity to make joint observations, and to better interpret those made from the ground using the more precise information gathered by the probe as it flies by.

The second is this one, on the huge volume of exploration we're going to see in the upcoming year and a bit. The missions mentioned there of course do not include the other exciting exoplanet and brown dwarf news we should be inundated with as well during that time.

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