Massive Sambahsa - English 11,000 word dictionary now complete

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Olivier Simon announced a few days ago that the Sambahsa - English dictionary is now complete, making English the second language after French to have a full dictionary. You can see it here on Scribd.

We've also been discussing the idea of a simple blog with news in Sambahsa, just a few sentences a day which would be enough to provide an incentive for people to check back daily. Olivier created a sample of news here which unfortunately has a very low volume but gives a good idea of what news in Sambahsa might sound like:

A more professional recording of something like this would sound great.

So let's look for some random words to see how complete this dictionary is.

amber - ginter. Also ambel for vine wood amber.
headphones - aurer
miner - ...has mine for mine, so probably the same as English.
feudal - no entry. Very likely the same though since it's feudal in both English and French.
scissors - nojitskand

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