How much are you paying for NASA?

Friday, October 01, 2010

Here's an interesting site that just started:

That site was inspired by this thread on Reddit, and is quite simple: you enter the amount paid in taxes last year and it lets you know how much went where. I'll pretend I paid $10,000 in taxes last year. That works out to:

What You Paid For:

Social Security$1,927.22
Interest on the National Debt$531.54
Combat Operations In Iraq and Afghanistan$424.39
Military Personnel$357.02
Veteran's Benefits$138.24
National Parks$128.44
Federal Highways$118.31
Health Care Research (NIH)$86.19
Foreign Aid$85.33
Education Funding for Low Income K-12 Students$70.69
Military Retirement Benefits$60.37
Pell Grants for Low Income College Students$55.09
NASA Space Program$52.02
Internal Revenue Service$32.76
Environmental Clean Up (EPA)$21.61
The FBI$20.76
Head Start$20.20
Public Housing$19.44
Drug Enforcement Agency$5.81
Smithsonian Museum$2.07
Funding for the Arts$0.44
Salaries and Benefits for Members of Congress$0.35

Keep this site in mind whenever the "let's fix every problem we have on Earth before spending any money on space" argument comes up.

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