Euronews now available in Persian, its tenth language

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big news for Persian media today: after less than a year after Turkish was added in January, service in Persian has also begun. As a Persian-language channel not affiliated with the Iranian government the government there is naturally not happy with the idea of a new channel and said so in April. For students of the language it's quite a good resource as Euronews synchronizes its articles across languages, so if you want to know what an article is about you can easily just select another language you know well in order to do so. As with other languages the text and audio will sometimes match up perfectly but usually only most of the time. This article for example matches the text for a few paragraphs, then skips one paragraph, reads one more and then the audio ends before you reach the end.

Euronews has a special page here about the launch.

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